Review #528 – Dancing Goat High Rye Bourbon: r/Bourbon #6924

Review #528 – Dancing Goat High Rye Bourbon: r/Bourbon #6924

Review #: 528
Description: Dancing Goat High Rye Bourbon: r/Bourbon #6924
Spirit: Bourbon

Background: 30 for 30: Day 22. Back to the goat.  This time it’s a little younger but still with the 75/21/4 mashbill and a price under $60.  Let’s see if a few less years makes the value less appealing.

Distillery – MGP

Bottler – Dancing Goat

Brand – Dancing Goat

Selection – r/Bourbon

ABV – 56.7%

Age – 6 Years

Nose – Chocolate wafer, raspberry syrup, leather, tobacco, coffee beans, rye spice
Taste – Maple syrup, toffee, waffle cone, caramel, sweet apple
Finish – Lots of spice moves in, cinnamon, rye, coffee, dark chocolate, fruit still has a little influence in there for a really nice balance on the long finish

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? Definitely

Thoughts: A little less time in the barrel didn’t really affect the quality.  A wonderful texture to it and lots of roasty notes complimented well with fruit.  Really hard to think of anything in the bourbon world right now that is a better value than these Dancing Goat single barrels.  Scoop them up while you can.

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