Review #532 – Copper & Cask Rye Single Barrel: Bourbon Finds

Review #532 – Copper & Cask Rye Single Barrel: Bourbon Finds

Review #: 532
Description: Copper & Cask Rye Single Barrel: Bourbon Finds
Spirit: Rye

Background: 30 for 30: Day 26.  Copper and Cask is run by  Latitude Beverage Co. out of Rhode Island.  The website basically says they do single barrels of bourbon and rye.  The label is very transparent though, saying it was distilled by MGP in December of 2015 and bottled in March of 2022.  It uses the 95/5 rye recipe and was selected by “Bourbon Finds” and was double barreled (I’m assuming with a second, charred oak barrel).

Distillery – MGP

Bottler – Latitude Beverage Co.

Brand – Copper & Cask

Selection – Bourbon Finds

ABV – 54.7%

Age – 6 Years

Nose – Waffle cone, raw rye bread dough, pine, chocolate cake, green apple
Taste – Sweet vanilla frosting, chili chocolate, apple pie, cinnamon syrup
Finish – Spiced chocolate, brownie batter, fresh tobacco, a nice earthy rice spice is left lingering

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts:  I got this on sale for a little over $50 (normally about $65).  Either way I think it’s a solid value.  The rye is present but it isn’t overwhelming or super off putting if you aren’t a fan of the super heavy mash.  The finish starts very dessert-like but then gets a nice change of pace with the savory spice.  Very nice composition to this whiskey.

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