Review #539 – Jaja Blanco

Review #539 – Jaja Blanco

Review #: 539
Description: Jaja Blanco
Spirit: Tequila

Background: This is a blanco tequila produced at the Jose Cuervo distillery but a brand started by influencers and therefore pushed and advertised by influencers.  This was acquired via an “airplane bottled pinata” so the standard is already set for a pretty low bar.  They do claim it is 100% blue webber agave and no additives.  Moderately priced around $35 a bottle too.

Distillery – Jose Cuervo

Bottler – Jose Cuervo

Brand – Jaja

Selection – N/A

ABV – 40%

Age – Unaged

Nose – A decent bit of vegetal freshness and crisp water, yellow cake, toasted pine nuts
Taste – Very sweet, vanilla syrup, clean water, wet grass, almost a jelly fruit aspect too?
Finish – Some of the agave sneaks back in but is pushed out with white sugar and pepper.  Very short and eventually just tastes like you drank water.

Score: 3
Would I buy a bottle? No

Thoughts: I think they know exactly who this is marketed towards.  It’s not for the nerds who are reviewing it or critically sipping, it’s for people who want to use it for cocktails and or casually sit to be different from some of the major brands on the shelf.  If it truly is additive free, I guess it’s not too bad for the price, but to me it’s overly sweet and the interest of what is on the nose is lost when you start sipping it.  The agave character really falls away.

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