Review #540 – Michigin

Review #540 – Michigin

Review #: 540
Description: Michigin
Spirit: Gin

Background: I am a sucker for a good pun and the folks at Long Road Distillers took the softball that was pitched to them and named it Michigin.  Not only for the name, but they also utilize Michigan grown ingredients.  Distilled from red winter wheat that they mill themselves, it uses juniper from Beaver Island.  They say they do individual distillations with each of the 6 botanicals and then blend them.  They list the use of juniper, fennel, mint, lemon verbena, and hops (they don’t list the 6th one).  This one is batch #5.

Distillery – Long Road

Bottler – Long Road

Brand – Long Road

Selection – N/A

ABV – 45%

Age – Unaged

Nose – Really prickly with rosemary, juniper, dry lemon, stale bread, fresh sage
Taste – Very rich and creamy, vanilla frosting, eucalyptus, cucumber, candied lemon peel, touch of that mint comes in
Finish – Sweetness settles down into nice pepper, touch of bitter juniper, almost chocolatey with the richness that is still there.  Really well balanced and depth of flavor.

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts: This was delightful.  Nice balance of the botanicals and tastes more complex than just 6 botanicals.  Love the texture and going to be sipping on this with some ice or tonic this summer.

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