Review #75 – Hamilton Saint Lucia Pot Still 2007

Review #75 – Hamilton Saint Lucia Pot Still 2007

Review #: 75
Description: Hamilton Saint Lucia Pot Still 2007
Spirit: Rum

Background: This bottling from Hamilton comes from 100% Vendome Pot Still from St. Lucia Distillers and aged 7 years tropically. Some heavy stats, let’s see how it stacks up after tasting the FS2005. This is barrel #550.

Distillery – St. Lucia Distillers

Bottler – Hamilton

Brand – Hamilton

Selection – N/A

ABV – 60.4%

Age – 7 Years

Nose – Nutmeg, pumpkin spice bread, ginger bread, honey and burnt caramel show up faintly in the background
Taste – Nutmeg, gingerbread, caramel
Finish – More baking spices, molasses, ginger snap cookie, hint of oakiness

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts: To me, this was like liquid baking spices.  Nutmeg especially hit me so hard and definitively, you can see that it was the first thing I picked up throughout tasting it.  While that held it back slightly from being one of those complicated balance of flavors that push a spirit into my higher echelon of complexity, it was still very enjoyable.

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