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Hello and welcome to Spirit Surveyor! I am Lane and I began reviewing spirits as a way to better understand them as well as my own likes and dislikes. I’ve always been intrigued by fermentation, from drinking whisky, or homebrewing beer, or keeping my sourdough culture alive. My journey with spirits began when after college I moved to Northern Ireland for a year of training with my new employer. I love to travel but I can be a bit of an introvert. I try my best not to look like a tourist. To me, the best way to quietly experience culture is through food and drink. So everywhere I went, I tried to get a bottle of a spirit that represented that place. Quickly, I gained a collection of bottles from Jameson and Bushmills, to Belgian Genever, German Schnapps, and beyond. I love trying different things and I hope my reviews reflect that. Spirits offer so much in terms of experience, memories, and community and I hope my thoughts can contribute and evoke feelings in those who read this site. In 2020, I joined WhiskeyRaiders as an Editor and have been contributing my reviews for aggregation as well as writing articles on the latest whiskey news.

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