Review 164 – Barrell CS01 Spanish Brandy Finish

Review 164 – Barrell CS01 Spanish Brandy Finish

Review #: 164
Description: Barrell CS01 Spanish Brandy Finish

Spirit: Irish Whiskey

Background: Here we have an interesting whiskey.  Barrell has come onto the scene primarily with their bourbons and blended whiskies, but they have shown that they are branching further and further out with the components of their blends and finishing casks.  I have no information regarding where they sourced this whiskey from but it is one of the highest proof’s I’ve seen from an Irish Whiskey.  This was also finished in Spanish Brandy casks so should be interesting.

Distillery – Undisclosed

Bottler – Barrell Craft Spirits

Brand – Barrell

Selection – N/A

ABV – 65.05%

Age – NAS

Nose –  Lot’s of menthol, the Special K corn flakes cereal with dried strawberries, apple skin, yellow cake.  ABV is certainly apparent and I think adds to the sharp menthol note, almost a bit like rubbing alcohol.  As it sits longer, it almost starts to get a sweet and tangy bbq sauce note.  Then almost some light chocolate and marshmallow? It keeps changing

Oh! It just clicked.  This almost kind of smells like some of the single grain scotches I’ve had.
Taste – Honey, ripe apples, jelly, barley sugar, lemon oil
Finish – Toasted marshmallow, black tea, really nicely toasted oak, sourdough bread, heat is strong but not overpowering

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? I think so.  It’s tasty and just so different

Thoughts: This was one of the weirdest overall experience of whiskies that I have had, but it kind of worked.  The nose was all over the place and changed with every sniff.  Sometimes sweet and bready, sometimes just ethanol.  The palate though was nice and sweet and probably got a decent influence from the brandy cask which worked with the base spirit.  Then the finish was so nice and oaky and marshmallowy, it almost reminded me of bourbon.  The heat was definitely there and it drinks like it’s 65%, but overall it was pretty tasty.  Just not easy to compare it to anything else.

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