Review #213 – Waterford Gaia 1.1

Review #213 – Waterford Gaia 1.1

Review #: 213
Description: Waterford Gaia 1.1
Spirit: Irish Whiskey

Background: Waterford is a new kid on the block when it comes to Irish Whiskies.  They are bottling thought at 50% with no chill-filtration nor any additives.  Gaia 1.1 comes from 100% organic Irish barely and it was mature in 42% first-fill US oak, 17% virgin US oak, 18% Vin Doux Naturel – sweet fortified wines – and 23% premium French oak.  Aged for 3 years, let’s see what they bring to the table.

Distillery – Waterford

Bottler – Waterford

Brand – Waterford

Selection – N/A

ABV – 50%

Age – 3 Years

Nose – Gingersnap cookie, molasses, sweet malt, candied lemon peel, papaya, white grape, floral
Taste – Sweet vanilla frosting, strawberry shortcake, toasted marshmallow
Finish – Burnt sugar, sweet malt, black pepper, mild citrus and bitterness

Score: 5
Would I buy a bottle? No

Thoughts: The nose on this really started off great, while the taste and finish felt a bit simplistic.  I think it still is a step up from Irish Whiskey, and look forward to what they offer in the future, but it’s not a big enough step to validate over $100 for a bottle.  I am a great lover of Irish Whiskey when it’s bottled at higher proof and I strongly hope Waterford can push the industry so more whiskey lovers can share the experiences I have had.

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