Review #372 – Jim Beam 1977 Decanter

Review #372 – Jim Beam 1977 Decanter

Review #: 372
Description: Jim Beam 1977 Decanter
Spirit: Bourbon

Background: Back in the 70s and 80s during the bourbon glut, producers tried to drum up some excitement in the form of various looking decanters.  Beam was one that went hard on the concept, with so many still floating around.  Now, a lot of these decanters used lead so they aren’t exactly something you would want to sip after it’s been sitting in for 40 years or so, but the person who provided this sample did one of the quick tests that didn’t detect lead, and 2oz shouldn’t kill me.  I don’t know what this decanter looked like, but it was from 1977 and contained 100 month aged bourbon.

Distillery – Jim Beam

Bottler – Jim Beam

Brand – Jim Beam

Selection – N/A

ABV – 40%

Age – 8 Years

Nose – Pretty standard bourbon, but maybe with a touch more of a robust and rich oak, corn, little bit of chocolate, toasted nuts, touch of fruit.  If you like standard bourbon smell, this takes it to 11.
Taste – Light cherry, thin vanilla, unsweetened black tea, touch of honey.  Not very sweet (or rich) at all.
Finish – Short, but sharp.  Little bitterness from the oak, burnt chocolate.  Little substance to it.

Score: 4
Would I buy a bottle? I wouldn’t say no to having one of these decanters if I found it at an antique store or estate sale for something like $30 or $40, but I’m not seeking it out.

Thoughts: It’s always interesting to taste from another time.  Being able to throw pretty well aged bourbon into this to try and attract consumers.  This is not the sweet and rich bourbon you might get now a days, but man is the nose on it great.  But it still boils down to a lower shelf, 40% experience, though not terrible, it caps the potential.

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