Review #537 – Grey Goose

Review #537 – Grey Goose

Review #: 537
Description: Grey Goose
Spirit: Vodka

Background: Taking a big 180 after doing 30 straight MGP reviews, it’s time to hit some of my other spirits.  Grey Goose is often lauded as the top shelf option for your casual drinker, it’s made in France from French wheat.

Distillery – Grey Goose

Bottler – Grey Goose

Brand – Grey Goose

Selection – N/A

ABV – 40%

Age – Unaged

Nose – Fresh spring water, cucumber, a little bit of that wheat character comes through.  A touch of that “sterile dentist office” smell.
Taste – Warm water, sweet cream. A surprisingly rich texture for 40%
Finish – A touch of cinnamon cream but otherwise there is very little there

Score: 5
Would I buy a bottle? I don’t really ever use vodka (I bought this bottle in 2015) but it’s plenty drinkable and quality is there for what, $25 a bottle? Easy to impress people with it.

Thoughts: Biggest draw is the texture for me.  Pretty rich and full.  While I don’t use vodka often, I would have no problem in recommending it since it is good and available.

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