Review #573 – Jim McEwan Signature Collection 1.1 Bruichladdich 2007

Review #573 – Jim McEwan Signature Collection 1.1 Bruichladdich 2007

Review #: 573
Description: Jim McEwan Signature Collection 1.1 Bruichladdich 2007
Spirit: Scotch

Background: After Jim McEwan’s retirement from Bruichladdich, it was hard to imagine him truly leaving the industry.  DramFool apparently felt this way as well and worked with him on some special releases of his own distillate under their brand.  To date, I believe they have done 7 releases, but like the Octomore/Black Art number system, this is the first release and uses the 3 different mashes/brands from the distillery.  1.1 is the unpeated distillate and was distilled on the 2nd of November, 2007 and spent 13 years of aging exclusively in first fill Bordeaux red wine cask (from Chateau Latour if my label is to be believed).  No additives or filtering or dilution of any kind.

Distillery – Bruichladdich

Bottler – DramFool

Brand – DramFool

Selection – N/A

ABV – 61.8%

Age – 13 Years

Nose – Ripe plum, wet moss, burnt chocolate, brown butter, there’s like a barnyard funk but not gross (more like just old wood and really earthy), wet tobacco
Taste – Really punchy on the tongue, butterscotch, dark cherry, brownie batter, a touch of fruit sweetness and a lot of the richness comes through from the wine influence, buttercream frosting, sweet red apple
Finish – Sweet malt, dark chocolate with sea salt, dried tobacco leaf, caramel that is just on the edge of being burnt, apple skin, long warmth with some baking spices

Score: 8
Would I buy a bottle? Probably

Thoughts: My experience with this is like when you go to a fancy restaurant and get a dessert like a cheesecake or slice of cake.  Even if it’s the same flavors or name that you’ve had before, there is something about this that is just on another level.  The ingredients to it are just such higher quality than what you might be used to.  This whisky is so rich and sweet and balanced and delicious.  To me, the nose isn’t bad, but it’s a bit confusing and doesn’t lend itself to the rest of the experience and the only thing really holding it back.

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