Review #575 – Jim McEwan Signature Collection 1.3 Octomore 2007

Review #575 – Jim McEwan Signature Collection 1.3 Octomore 2007

Review #: 575
Description: Jim McEwan Signature Collection 1.3 Octomore 2007
Spirit: Scotch

Background: Concluding the first release of DramFool’s Jim McEwan Signature Collection, this uses Bruichladdich’s Octomore, super peated distillate.  Distilled on December 19th, 2007, it was aged entirely in a 1st fill Premier Cru Supérieur Sauternes cask.  DramFool notes that only a few Octomores have been in these types of barrels, with the OBs only partially and 2 independent bottlers put them out but at 6 years old.  So it stands out as something rather unique.  Of course, no dilution or additives or chill-filtering.

Distillery – Bruichladdich

Bottler – DramFool

Brand – DramFool

Selection – N/A

ABV – 57.5%

Age – 13 Years

Nose – White grape, tart lemon icing, the peat almost remind me of Jamaican funky rum, dark chocolate, raisin, strawberry jam
Taste – Thick and sweet, lemon curd, white grape juice, chocolate caramel truffle, light maple syrup, sweet malt, super rich 
Finish – Smoked chocolate, peat is a bit salty and offers a nice balance from the prior sweetness, lemon zest, hot campfire smoke, the perfect amount of heat (drinks more like 50%)

Score: 9
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts: I’ll be honest, when I initially poured it, the salty was a bit overbearing and felt unbalanced and I was disappointed.  A little bit of time, it really opened up and just gave this immensely rich and full bodied experience that showed much more cohesion.  Absolutely delightful, but the fact it gave off that first impression is the only thing keeping it from a 10. But this is a truly special bottle.

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