Review #584 – Rest & Be Thankful Octomore 7 Year French Oak Cask

Review #584 – Rest & Be Thankful Octomore 7 Year French Oak Cask

Review #: 584
Description: Rest & Be Thankful Octomore 7 Year French Oak Cask
Spirit: Scotch

Background: Wrapping up my string of Octomore’s with this 7 year barrel from Rest & Be Thankful.  Distilled on March 19th, 2008 it spent that whole time in a French Oak cask before bottling on May 6th, 2015.  This is cask #20080000908.

Distillery – Bruichladdich

Bottler – Rest & Be Thankful

Brand – Rest & Be Thankful

Selection – N/A

ABV – 63.9%

Age – 7 Years

Nose – Stale coffee, lot of rancio from the oak (almost comes off like some moldy melon), burnt matchstick, graham cracker,  very dark chocolate, wet moss, bran flakes
Taste – Sweet cream coffee, milk chocolate, touch of fruit like a mango puree, vanilla buttercream frosting, dates, waffle cone, sweet rich and silky
Finish – Roasted coffee beans, rich tobacco, buttery pastry, toasted marshmallow, milk chocolate, oak and warmth hang around but drinks more like 50% if not lower.

Score: 8
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts: At first, that nose was a little off putting, but it opened up really well.  The first sip though was great with that super rich but balanced sweetness.  To me, the smoke is super integrated and almost non-existent as the oak works with it so well.  The initial nose it what holds it back but this is one fantastic sipper

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