Review #2 – Jameson Irish Whiskey

Review #2 – Jameson Irish Whiskey

Review #: 2
Description: Jameson Irish Whiskey
Spirit: Irish Whiskey

Background: Continuing on starting my reviews with where I started with whiskey, here is Jameson’s standard bottling. While famed for it’s Bow Street Distillery in Dublin, now almost all production takes place in Cork. Little information is provided on the bottle, but it is a staple of many bars.

Distillery – Midleton

Bottler – Midleton

Brand – Jameson

Selection – N/A

ABV – 40%

Age – NAS

Nose – Acetone, dry wood
Taste – Caramel, slight oakiness, nutty towards the end
Finish – Sharp hit of spice and oak but quickly fades to a dull finish with little heat

Score: 4
Would I buy a bottle? Probably not

Thoughts: Coming off the heels of Bushmills, I was surprised at how different they came across.  The Jameson and a bit more depth, but not necessarily in a good way.  It had some stronger hits, but failed to develop them any further.  Like Bushmills, it was quite average and plenty good to mix, but drinking neat was just not as enjoyable despite being a bit more bold.

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