Review #129 – Redbreast Small Batch Cask Strength “B”

Review #129 – Redbreast Small Batch Cask Strength “B”

Review #: 129
Description: Redbreast Small Batch Cask Strength “B”
Spirit: Irish Whiskey

Background: Redbreast released a series of 4 batches of cask strength whiskey specifically for the American market (in fact, only a few stores in California and Massachusetts). While they do not carry an official age statement, all are at least 14 years old. Each batch is meant to highlight some difference in the whiskey. With an MSRP of $100, it’s high but not to out of the realm of the market for older, cask strength Irish. Batch B relates to the sherry barrel maturation.

The Redbreast Small Batch Cask Strength samples were provided by a friend who had tracked down all 4. I am extremely grateful for his generosity in sharing these with me.

Distillery – Midleton

Bottler – Midleton

Brand – Redbreast

Selection – N/A

ABV – 57.2%

Age – 14 Years

Nose –  Dark cherries, rich maple syrup, leather
Taste – Roasted nuts, juicy raisins, fatty cream, thick mouthfeel
Finish – Long: cinnamon, nuts, dates, leather

Score: 9
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts: This batch was to highlight sherry barrel influence and boy did it. Sweet and rich dark fruits with roasted nuts. This was fantastic.

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