Review #211 –  Starward Single Malt: Binny’s Single Barrel

Review #211 – Starward Single Malt: Binny’s Single Barrel

Review #: 211
Description: Starward Single Malt: Binny’s Single Barrel
Spirit: Australian Whiskey

Background: Here we have my first Australian whiskey.  This is from Starward, a distillery in Melbourne.  This is a single barrel selected by Binny’s Beverage Depot.  It was aged for 3 years in french oak that previously held Penfolds Grange Australian Wine.  Let’s see how it tastes!

Distillery – Starward

Bottler – Starward

Brand – Starward

Selection – Binny’s

ABV – 54.3%

Age – 3 Years

Nose – Fruity coffee, maple syrup, brown sugar, sugary malt
Taste – Sweet and syrupy, cherry cordial, caramel, milk chocolate
Finish – Toasted malt, burnt coffee, sweet cherry, toasted marshmallow, slightly sour citrus

Score: 6
Would I buy a bottle? Not sure.  At $70, I don’t think I would be upset with a whole bottle but I wouldn’t get a second.

Thoughts: For my first taste of Aussie whiskey, and at a young age, I’m pretty impressed.  There were no real off notes minus a very slight sour astringency on the finish but that was masked with some complex flavors that built off of each other.  It might have been a little overly sweet, but it was certainly enjoyable.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for more of their whiskey going forward.

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