Review #367 – Kilchoman US Small Batch #1

Review #367 – Kilchoman US Small Batch #1

Review #: 367
Description: Kilchoman US Small Batch #1
Spirit: Scotch

Background: This is a US exclusive from the Islay distillery.  Composed of 70% ex-bourbon, 25% port, and 5% sherry, the peated spirit is bottled at 46%.  My first taste of Kilchoman so let’s get to it.

Distillery – Kilchoman

Bottler – Kilchoman

Brand – Kilchoman

Selection – N/A

ABV – 46%

Age – NAS

Nose – Light peat smoke, lemon curd, honey, graham cracker, plums, raisin, touch of oak
Taste – Vanilla bean, candied lemon, honey, campfire smoke
Finish – Gets a bit bitter, ashy smoke, touch of sulfur, graham cracker

Score: 5
Would I buy a bottle? Probably not, but it was fairly priced

Thoughts: A well rounded and perfectly fine whiskey.  Nice sweetness and smoke.  Touch of bitterness and sulfur but not really distracting.  Interesting enough for 46%.  Solid but doesn’t blow me away in any aspect.

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