Review #369 – Russell’s Reserve: r/Bourbon “Dessert Parlor”

Review #369 – Russell’s Reserve: r/Bourbon “Dessert Parlor”

Review #: 369
Description: Russell’s Reserve: r/Bourbon “Dessert Parlor”
Spirit: Bourbon

Background: This is a single barrel selection of Wild Turkey’s Russell’s Reserve selected by a panel from r/Bourbon consisting of TheBourbonFinder, DustlessWalnut, Doneeb, and of course, t8ke.  This was selected along side it’s sister cask “Fruit Stand.”  Distilled on November 21st, 2011, selected on June 23rd, 2020, and then bottled in October.  It was tasted at 117.6 proof before being bottled at 110.  It was aged in Warehouse G, Floor 4.  Outside of the tasting proof, these are the same stats as Fruit Stand so let’s see how it compares

Distillery – Wild Turkey

Bottler – Wild Turkey

Brand – Russell’s Reserve

Selection – r/Bourbon

ABV – 55%

Age – 8 Years

Nose – Dark chocolate, espresso, red apple, graham cracker, butter pastry dough
Taste – Cheese danish, chocolate covered cherries, caramel corn, vanilla frosting
Finish – This is where the real difference shows between the two and chocolate and roasted coffee still hit hard, burnt sugar

Score: 8
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts: Maybe it’s because I find myself going to bakeries, but this “Dessert Parlor” to me is a great cafe and having a sweet pastry and espresso.  Sweet like Fruit Stand, but there’s just a bit more depth and especially the finish has that extra layer.  Very interesting to see the difference despite the similarities, but unsurprising that they are both great.

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