Review #448 – Wild Turkey Traditions (1993)

Review #448 – Wild Turkey Traditions (1993)

Review #: 448
Description: Wild Turkey Traditions (1993)
Spirit: Scotch

Background: This is a bottling from Wild Turkey back in the Austin Nichols days.  This was a NAS bottle designed for the export market, primarily for the travel retail market.  

Distillery – Wild Turkey

Bottler – Wild Turkey

Brand – Wild Turkey

Selection – N/A

ABV – 50.5

Age – NAS

Nose – Lots of oak, dark chocolate, caramel popcorn, leather, clove, coffee with cream
Taste – Very rich, butterscotch candy, cherry cordial, vanilla cream, honey bbq sauce
Finish – Charred cherries, rich oak, dark chocolate, sourdough bread, light black pepper lingers nicely

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? Of all the older turkey, this might be the most attainable.  Not sure of prices but this is excellent stuff

Thoughts: Fun to try this right after the Old Crow.  There’s parallels to modern day turkey versus others as it definitely is a bit more robust and slightly less sweet, but it maintains balance and has such a nice richness to it along with depth and complexity.  I’ve never had CGF, but if it’s better than this, then the hype is warranted.

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