Review #535 – Old Elk Wheated Bourbon: r/Bourbon #8310 “Return To Space III”

Review #535 – Old Elk Wheated Bourbon: r/Bourbon #8310 “Return To Space III”

Review #: 535
Description: Old Elk Wheated Bourbon: r/Bourbon #8310 “Return To Space III”
Spirit: Bourbon

Background: 30 for 30: Day 29.  Following the Old Elk wheat whiskey, we have their wheated bourbon.  This single barrel used a 51% corn, 45% wheat, and 4% malted barley and was aged for 7 years before selection by t8ke for r/Bourbon.  It was bottled again by Matt Gustafson.  Good on you Matt, you seem like a hard worker.

Distillery – MGP

Bottler – Old Elk

Brand – Old Elk

Selection – r/Bourbon

ABV – 52.9%

Age – 7 Years

Nose – Chocolate babka, sweet cherry, toasted oak, buttered toast, caramel.  Lots of chocolate candy vibes going on
Taste – Chocolate caramel ice cream, coffee with cream, toffee, cherry pie, chocolate milk
Finish – Roasted corn, sweet cream, iced coffee, warm oak, Dr. Pepper, charred oak and chocolate stay on the palate

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? Yes.  $100 is a bit steep, but this is really enjoyable to drink

Thoughts:  I hate to bash the wheat whiskey from the last review, but this one is definitely above it.  The corn seems to just interact with the oak better and brings in those chocolate and coffee notes that really make this great.  It’s really the finish here that leaves so much chocolate and coffee and oak in your mouth that makes you want more.

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