Review #558 – Cobrafire Evil Force

Review #558 – Cobrafire Evil Force

Review #: 558
Description: Cobrafire Evil Force
Spirit: Brandy

Background: Following the success of Cobrafire, PM continued their collaboration with Domaine d’Esperance and this time with an aged, cask strength blend.  It contains a blend of 4 single casks as followed:  10% cask #1 distilled in 2001, 18% cask #240 distilled in 2012, 36% cask #123 distilled in 2014, and 36% cask #4 distilled in 2015.  All were distilled from folle blanche grapes and bottled in 2021 without any additives or water.

Distillery – Domaine d’Esperance

Bottler – PM Spirits

Brand – Cobrafire

Selection – N/A

ABV – 51.7%

Age – 6 Years

Nose – Interesting that even with the oak, this has far more grape and fruit come through, it is far brighter and fruitier but wrapped around some caramel and vanilla, oak is a bit musty but in a very good way.  Can almost get ripe apple or sweet peach just creeping in. Has a buttery confectionery smell to it.
Taste – Grape is really rich and sweet, buttery texture, pound cake.  Much more of a raw, ripe grape than like a jam.
Finish – The grape sweetness and oak tannins dance back and forth with each other in a really fun way.  Much like the unaged, heat is very well contained

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? Around $100 there is some competition in the market but I say yes.

Thoughts: This is a fun experience to drink.  I find it very interesting that a lot more of the fruit characteristic shines through even with the oak compared to the unaged distillate.  However, the oak influence complements it very well and makes for a finish that bounces back and forth but in a harmonious way.  $100 can get you a lot in the brandy world, but I don’t think you’d be disappointed with this.

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