Review #565 – Laird’s Apple Brandy Bottled-In-Bond

Review #565 – Laird’s Apple Brandy Bottled-In-Bond

Review #: 565
Description: Laird’s Apple Brandy Bottled-In-Bond
Spirit: Brandy

Background: Founded in 1780, Laird’s is America’s oldest Distillery and makes America’s original spirit, brandy.  While rye and bourbon certainly have established themselves in American history, brandy was far more common back in the early days of this country compared to whiskey.  Tying in more history, this brandy is Bottled-In-Bond so it also fittingly carries the name of the most famous consumer protection act of American spirits.  So it’s at least 4 years old, 100 proof, and no additives or funny business going on.  And yes, it is made from apples.  I don’t see anything quickly online about the type used, but their site shows they use a decent range of varietals to distill. 

Distillery – Laird’s

Bottler – Laird’s

Brand – Laird’s

Selection – N/A

ABV – 50%

Age – NAS

Nose – Both cooked and ripe apple flavors come through, buttered popcorn, vanilla bean, light touch of oak
Taste – Apple pops but it isn’t super sweet or ripe, vanilla cream, baking chocolate, caramel sauce,
Finish – Gets real toasted with cooked apples, cinnamon, warm oak, burnt marshmallow

Score: 6
Would I buy a bottle? Yes, though I thought this was like $20 but now I’m seeing mid $30s.  Even there, I think it has solid value

Thoughts: This just nails exactly what it’s going for.  Lots of apple and oak.  Great to sip on but perfectly suited for cocktails too.  Where lots of bourbon drinkers may look to rum to branch out, this is another great option for them.

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