Review #568 – Bulleit Single Barrel: BourbonFinds 2021

Review #568 – Bulleit Single Barrel: BourbonFinds 2021

Review #: 568
Description: Bulleit Single Barrel: BourbonFinds 2021
Spirit: Bourbon

Background: This is a 10.5 year barrel of Bulleit bourbon picked by BourbonFinds in 2021.  No idea about the yeast strain though.  As with all Bulleit single barrels, it is bottled at 52% ABV.

Distillery – Bulleit

Bottler – Bulleit

Brand – Bulleit

Selection – BourbonFinds

ABV – 52%

Age – 10 Years

Nose – Very fruity with strawberry and cherry juice, brown sugar, vanilla custard, chocolatey oak, coffee with cream
Taste – Lighter than the nose but still flavorful with vanilla pudding, possibly some banana (yeast 1??), sweet cherry, milk chocolate, dark caramel
Finish – Toasted oak, black coffee, dark chocolate.  Warm and roast-y

Score: 6
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts: Really nice barrel.  Some might criticize Bulleit for diluting to 52% but it’s such a nice spot for bourbon.  This has the sweetness and the oak that just make this a really enjoyable pour.

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