Review #491 – Bushmills Prohibition Recipe

Review #491 – Bushmills Prohibition Recipe

Review #: 491
Description: Bushmills Prohibition Recipe
Spirit: Irish Whiskey

Background: While expected to have an NDP try and capitalize on pop culture, seeing a big producer that you have respect for can go either way.  They could be selling out, or potentially bring legitimacy.  So when Bushmills put out this Prohibition Recipe with several spots on the label proclaiming “By Order of the Shelby Company LTD” it made me a bit concerned.  Is this just their standard white label with some extra margin packed on?  But looking closer, it is 46% (!!!) and non-chillfiltered which aren’t common to find on Irish whiskies around $30.  Now it does specify it’s aged at least 3 years, which by definition it has to be to be labeled Irish Whiskey, so it probably doesn’t have much older stock in it, but the proof and price made me comfortable to take the risk.

Distillery – Bushmills

Bottler – Bushmills

Brand – Bushmills

Selection – N/A

ABV – 46%

Age – 3 Years

Nose – Honey graham cereal, apple, snickerdoodle cookie, definitely some grain showing the youth but not overly green or detracting
Taste – More malt than I typically think of with your standard Bushmills or Jameson, honey, oats, fresh apples.  Sweet and delicate
Finish – Butter pastry maybe even like a glazed donut, toasted malt, coffee, there is some heat from the bump in proof but it isn’t overly hot and gives some sort of depth to it that watered down Irish usually lacks.

Score: 5
Would I buy a bottle? Yes

Thoughts: Well the taste doesn’t make me think cash grab.  I definitely like this better than the standard Bushmills.  It doesn’t do anything new in the world of mass produced Irish Whiskey.  It’s still light, clean, and delicate, but the proof does set itself apart.  Compared with the regular, it’s only about $5 more.  I would happily recommend this to someone looking for a step up from typical Jameson (I am from the Northeast where that’s the standard) and think it makes a great gift bottle to bring to a party or for someone around the holidays. I wish this was the base product.

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