Review #561 – Through The Grapevine: Maxime Trijole 2003

Review #561 – Through The Grapevine: Maxime Trijole 2003

Review #: 561
Description: Through The Grapevine: Maxime Trijole 2003
Spirit: Cognac

Background: Another bottling of Cognac from La Maison Du Whisky this time coming from Maxime Trijole and carries a 2003 vintage.  LMDW doesn’t exactly do a great job of distinguishing different lots and casks.

Distillery – Mixime Trijole

Bottler – La Maison Du Whisky

Brand – Through The Grapevine

Selection – N/A

ABV – 43.3%

Age – 18 Years (I think)

Nose – After the JLP, this is far less grape and much more delicate, lemon zest, vanilla extract, almond slices, lightly burnt caramel, slight rancio on the back end
Taste – Sweet vanilla, candied lemon, little bit nutty, tastes a bit watery (but crisp water)
Finish – Black tea, light honey, oak is a bit bitter and dry

Score: 4
Would I buy a bottle? No

Thoughts: Not bad but just not very interesting.  The grape flavor is a bit lost and the oak is a bit much at times.  You can tell it’s a very delicate spirit from the nose and the harmony just doesn’t translate from the taste.

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