Review #562 – Through The Grapevine: Borderies Merlet Lot 84

Review #562 – Through The Grapevine: Borderies Merlet Lot 84

Review #: 562
Description: Through The Grapevine: Borderies Merlet Lot 84
Spirit: Cognac

Background: Continuing through the TTG range from La Maison du Whisky, this was distilled by Merlet.  If you’ve ever wondered why you see lots of “Lot 84” instead of “1984,” I believe cognac (maybe armagnac too) have to be certified and independently verified anytime the cask is opened in order to state a vintage.  This means anytime they want to taste a cask to see where it stands.  So some places just won’t bother and label it as a lot.  So, this likely was distilled in 1984 and probably around 36 years old.

Distillery – Merlet

Bottler – La Maison Du Whisky

Brand – Through The Grapevine

Selection – N/A

ABV – 50.2%

Age – NAS

Nose – Rich and buttery pastry, coffee with sweet cream, grape is there but very dark(almost makes me think like blueberry pie)
Taste – The butter on the nose carries on to the texture and taste, grape brightens a little with some coffee
Finish – Grape really pops on the finish with chocolate and oak and a nice warmth sticks around

Score: 6
Would I buy a bottle? No

Thoughts: Really enjoyed how the grape characteristic transitioned through the experience and grew brighter through it.  Overall, it’s not the most complex but is nice to pour and sip on without diving too deep into.

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