Review #563 – Through The Grapevine: Francois Voyer Lot 89/92

Review #563 – Through The Grapevine: Francois Voyer Lot 89/92

Review #: 563
Description: Through The Grapevine: Francois Voyer Lot 89/92
Spirit: Cognac

Background: Another TTG offering from La Maison du Whisky.  This time a blend of casks from Francois Voyer around the 30 year age mark, likely. Cask strength and no additives.

Distillery – Francois Voyer

Bottler – La Maison Du Whisky

Brand – Through The Grapevine

Selection – N/A

ABV – 43.5%

Age – NAS

Nose – Rich dark grapes, nice oak structure, black coffee, leather, raisin, almost has that old book smell to it
Taste – Sweet grape but with a nice dark richness, dates, a little bit of torched sugar (like the top of a creme brulee but not quite caramel)
Finish – Oak really sweeps in and takes over.  It’s tannic and a little dry but not horrible and wraps up the whole sip experience well. A little bit of baking chocolate might be in there but is more of that dark bitterness.

Score: 6
Would I buy a bottle? It would be good gift bottle, but I wouldn’t buy it myself.

Thoughts: This cognac makes me think of pouring it in a snifter while you wear a smoking jacket and drink it in your library.  It has the grape characteristic while still lots of oak.  Not too much proof so it’s approachable.  If you are looking for a gift for a casual drinker in the $200 range, I think this fits the bill, even if they are typically just a whisky drinker.

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