Review #567 – Mhoba Queen Pineapple Rum

Review #567 – Mhoba Queen Pineapple Rum

Review #: 567
Description: Mhoba Queen Pineapple Rum
Spirit: Rum

Background: This is a pineapple rum coming from the South African distillery.  A blend of their glass cask rum and 2 unaged pot still rums, all using single estate sugarcane juice and then “infused” with seared Natal Queen pineapples.  I assume that means maceration but not 100% sure. Should be interesting trying after the Doctor Bird.

Distillery – Mhoba

Bottler – Mhoba

Brand – Mhoba

Selection – N/A

ABV – 43%

Age – NAS

Nose – A bit sour and bitter on the nose, kind of the plastic like note you would think from a Jamaican rum, espresso, past that you get a bit of chocolate and pineapple sweetness but more subtle than you might expect
Taste – Sweet but not aggressive, vanilla ice cream, cooked pineapple, mocha latte, burnt cinnamon, nice texture for the proof
Finish – Sugarcane shows up with with some grassy notes and getting a bit bitter, really charred pineapple.  Not the best but not the worst and is pretty short

Score: 4
Would I buy a bottle? I’d pass especially with Doctor Bird available

Thoughts: I applaud them for the use of the charred pineapple for the infusion because I think it comes across well (and I do love me some grilled pineapple).  Ultimately, there’s a few notes that I’m not a huge fan of that just take a bit away from the experience.  There’s so much going on here and when (at least in the US) it’s so much easier and cheaper to get Doctor Bird Pineapple for cheaper, it’s not going to be my first recommendation.

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