Review #529 – Dancing Goat Malted Bourbon: r/Bourbon #4215

Review #529 – Dancing Goat Malted Bourbon: r/Bourbon #4215

Review #: 529
Description: Dancing Goat Malted Bourbon: r/Bourbon #4215
Spirit: Bourbon

Background: 30 for 30: Day 23.  Ok, we get it.  Another Dancing Goa…what?  Malted Bourbon?  Doesn’t pretty much all bourbon use a small percentage of malted barley in their mash? Well, yes, but this mashbill is a bit different.  51% corn, and 49% malted barley.  I think the only other bourbon I’ve had with a substantial amount of malt is Chattanooga which says they use at least 25%.  So a different mashbill, but good age, and once again, I cannot overstate this enough, only $60 a bottle.  Crazy.

Distillery – MGP

Bottler – Dancing Goat

Brand – Dancing Goat

Selection – r/Bourbon

ABV – 57.7%

Age – 9 Years

Nose – Cinnamon raisin bread, bran flakes, sugar cookie, dried dates, there’s a slight bright fruit that makes me think white grape or maybe even honeydew melon
Taste – Milkyway bar, honeynut cherrios, cooked apples, vanilla bean ice cream
Finish – Malt really comes in, buttered pastry, orange oil, sweet bread

Score: 7
Would I buy a bottle? Yep


Another banger.  The malt clearly separates itself from the other DG bottles but it still has this great depth and complexity.  This is a baker’s dream with the amount of butter and fruit and bread notes.  And I am a baker, so…

Really can’t say how impressed I am with these barrels and will happily buy any picked by t8ke at this price point.

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